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Sep 26, 2011 6:00am EDT
. >> a gruesome discovery in indiana. >> if you first did not succeed, try, try again. this woman that was forced to abandon her dream -- the slumber that was forced to abandon her dream -- the swimmer that was forced to abandon her dream. traffic >> we are looking from the skycam right now. it is pretty misty. queen is am county is running late, 90 minutes because of the fog -- queen anne's county. are live that valley view farm's this morning -- we are live at valley view farms. we're under some cover because it is raining. >> we grow our own mums. this year was unique because we have those hot temperatures. allow the plant to get pretty darn big. is one single plant. they areabout onc-- just beautiful this time. could plant them in the ground and they will come back each year. keep them nice and compact. them back on mother's day or the fourth of july. keep big pots around and i compost them by the end of the season. >> they are beautiful and they come in several colors. >> read and bronze -- red and bronze. of purple cabbage and cale -- we have purple cabbage and calkale. >> i went through th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1